How Men and Women Shop

I first saw this drawing, forwarded by a friend, years ago and keep coming back to it every time I read something about shopping behavior (this time it's Inside The Mind of The Shopper). Never knew who the author was, until today.

Incidentally, the graphic captures the essence of a Wharton paper "Men Buy, Women Shop" (pdf) that came out half a year after it.


  1. So true! And when I come across women who're not like this, it is a surprise!

    My work involves a lot of travel, and I have developed a habit of long drawn out shopping, just so I can find that one or two perfect something(s) for my wife/kids. And now I notice it has become part of me.

    The other day, I was out shopping with my wife, and when I saw her shopping purposefully and not ambling along like I was, it felt quite weird! I guess that's how women generally feel with us men.

  2. Men and women shop because of one big thing each one of them consider. They needed to shop because they need to spend money on the things they needed and cannot live without.

  3. That was way too funny but I must admit. It is true. Your post is very good and very interesting. I there any other place to buy gap pants? I am sure there many stores in that place.

  4. No way women walks that organised. Make the routes "crisscross" all over the place a couple of times.


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