Get a Free iPad (or Nine) Here

There's no point in this post other than general amusement, but I saw my first "testers wanted" banner ad today and got inspired to gather screenshots of nine different sites promising a free - FREE! - iPad after you buy a bunch of other stuff.  Look, the top one uses a totally fake mock-up of the device (but throws in a FedEx cargo plane).


  1. I agree with you that there are some (well, most) sites that are trying to con people into buying stuff with the promise of a free iPad, but there are proven incentive sites that work on a referral basis that offer any product that can be ordered on the internet (except ebay), and therefore include the iPad.

    Although my site isn't in your article I do recognise one such referral site in there. All free iPad sites aren't scams (although I'm sure a good proportion of them are!).

  2. I haven't called any of these sites scams. I was only amused at how fast they react.


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