Dell's @delloutlet Earns $4.5 Million in Six Months

It's been widely reported by now that Dell's @delloutlet Twitter account that broadcasts deals on computer equipment has earned the company $6.5 million. The more interesting part, and the one that's overlooked, is that $4.5 million of this money was earned between June and December. In June, the company said the account had brought in just $2M since the its launch two years earlier (or, they say, $2M in outlet items and another $1M in new products, but they don't break down the $6.5M number). Last December, the amount was at $1M.

So, it took Dell 18 months to earn its first Twitter million. Then it took just six months to add another million to that. And the next six months brought in $4.5M.


  1. It's also interesting to see the growth of their followers -
    208,000 in early March compared to 1,477,000 today, according to Twitterholic:

  2. Figures have to be discounted for buyers that would have bought the item anyways (i.e. Twitter was not directly responsible).

  3. Looking at these figures, now I realize the power of twitter. Great post and thanks for sharing.

  4. Could anybody please explain me how you can make a million with twitter?!?! Goddamnit, what am I doing wrong. No, but honestly. How can you make such money with twitter? That's unbelievable...


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