Make Money ($3267.75) With Twitter!

Do you know Shelly Ryan? No? She's that woman who makes $3267.75 EVERY DAY on Twitter. GUARANTEED!

I really should've used an affiliate link on this one -- a 70% cut from the $67 price of whatever it is they are selling ("killer software for getting more traffic than Manhattan at rush hour, mostly at zero cost"). Between this and the Ad Agency in a Box, I would've made millions by now. Millions! Or at least $3267.75.

AdLab's tip: if you submit to the urge to buy the thing just to see what's inside, try closing the browser first, and the site will pop up a window offering a 25% discount.


  1. Gotta love that crazy assortment of numbers designed to make it look like she actually made money. Good advertising technique...bad karma.

  2. Exactly. But at least they are not faking AdSense checks like some other people.

  3. The art of the scam is alive and very well. Now on Twitter.

  4. Great sales page. At least it is well written.

  5. hope I could make money too like that lady.


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