Behavioral Advertising on Checkout Receipts

WSJ: "The checkout ads range from messages encouraging shoppers to try a brand that competes with one they just bought, to others urging them to buy a new flavor of a product they buy regularly. "It's a really effective way to reach a consumer," says Brett White, head of marketing for Stouffer's, which has bought such ads for about a year. Indeed, Stouffer's said the response rate to the checkout ads for its Dinner Club was 10 times as high as for similar ads that ran in freestanding newspaper inserts."

The key vendor:  Catalina Marketing.


  1. Who looks at checkout receipt coupons? I'm really surprised they found them to be so effective.

    What would be more effective would be to offer them the alternate brand before they purchase, then have them right there to swap out. The cashiers would effectively become sales associates. You could pay them a commission for upsells.

  2. I don't know, I could see how they could be effective. With people watching their wallets more in these "tough" economic times, I wouldn't be surprised if more people were checking their receipts to make sure they were charged correctly. I think it makes sense to stick an ad on there, and could see how in a time where people are trying to save every penny these ads could be effective


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