Sausage Foosball, KFC Recipe Moves, and Other Pitches

Must be a busy day for PR folks, if my inbox is any indication.

"It's "Sausage vs. Sausage" in this custom foosball table for Hatfield Quality Meats by Red Tettemer." -- DiGennaro Communications

"This morning KFC relocated Colonel Sanders’ handwritten Original Recipe for the first time in 68 years from its original vaulted location in Louisville, KY to a secret-secure location as KFC modernizes the safekeeping of one of America’s top corporate trade secrets." -- Weber Shandwick -- something to do with films, creatives, and voting. Interesting interface.

Create and manage QR codes with

No, I have no idea what it means but whoever sent this must think AdLab readers should know that "achter de schermen is het al een tijdje bekend, maar nu is het officiĆ«el. Hendsum&Young en Ido de Voos, eigenaar van 290 square meters gaan samen verder als creatief bureau en versterken zo hun positie als agency op het gebied van muziek, fashion en cultuur." -- Hendsum&Young.  

MINI has a new advergame. About parking. With a dude riding a small tall car. -- Interone Worldwide

Chrome is Good for Advertisers: "[Tabbed browsing] is a real issue, as advertisers truly don’t care about time displayed in a hidden tab, just as we don’t care about time displayed below the fold – all measured in the traditional exposure metric. Instead, advertisers now look at a new generation of metrics that show dwell time – time spent when a consumer actually engaged with the ad. Chrome's popularity and existence might drive consumers to toggle more, but will also force marketers to put more emphasis on dwell time. This is the holy grail of brand measurement, far more relevant than ad exposure or click thru rates." -- Mortar for Eyeblaster

First Wives World: social network for divorced women. -- HWH PR

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