Ad Skipping Strains Power Grid

"The 1990 World Cup tops the list of record-breaking TV "pick-ups" (Source: National Grid, BBC)"

Even though the Superbowl Flush is a myth and our American readers have nothing to fear this coming Sunday, it doesn't mean that the collective ad avoidance doesn't strain urban infrastructure elsewhere. Virtual Economics unearthed a decade-old article from BBC about Brits leaving their TVs during the World Cup half-time to -- what else? -- make some tea:

"This mass synchronised tea-break has in the past caused huge power surges and problems for the National Grid, which operates the high-voltage transmission network in England and Wales.

A crack team of statisticians with their finger on the pulse of the TV sub-culture leaf through listings magazines in an attempt to predict peaks in electricity use."


  1. With the way English soccer team has been performing sadly in recent years it is now probably something stronger than a cup of tea ..


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