Pencils Have Better Interfaces

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Wouldn't you agree that most regular pencils have better interfaces than most regular pens? I see at least two reasons:
1. Troubleshooting: If a pen stops running, it will take you a while to figure out why. If pencil stops running, you know it's because the tip is either broken or the graphite is too short. Both problems require only one solution.
2. Status indication: You always know how much of a pencil you have left just by looking at it.

Yes? No?


  1. One more = When i was in school, i used to bite my pen or pencil, must say pencils are more fun for bitting them and less risky, if you bite and suck a BIC pen for example, you may end up with a blue month.
    Regards from France

  2. i have to agree with hendrik...
    the ui is just easier for a pencil compared to a pen...

    and i've seen plenty a blue mouths before... xD

  3. IT's also easier to wash pencil marks out of a shirt than pen.

  4. Good Observation. You guys are doing great

  5. I love pencils :) You just became inspiration for my new post.


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