Transmedia, Electric Skin, Old Books and Soviet Food

-- Turn your skin into an interface with conductive ink (+ a really cool photo in Telegraph).

-- Jeff Gomez (founder of Starlight Runner) is the writer of "origin myths" behind some large brand narratives, including the Coke Hapinnes Factory.

-- Google TV Ads people are trying to predict what ads to show to what audience, and are sharing some numbers. "Coke is considering using the characters in comic books, video games, and a slew of new ads." (Business Week)

-- Some 50 old ad books that are still fresh today, scanned and freely available over at Duke Uni's digital archives. The snippet above is from Advertising Sermons.

-- For packaging and retro-ad lovers, lots of rather accurate posters of Soviet food.

-- I've got to post a link to this post just for its title: "3D Printing and Self Replicating Machines In Your Living Room - Seriously!"

-- Why ad agencies need "labs".

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