Letters to the Editor

-- A bizarre assortment of billboards by real estate people.

-- Language barrier.  When you read something like "Ad agency responses mirror those of advertisers", what do you think this means: that agency responses are the same as advertiser? Or that they are completely opposite? Like, you know, your left hand in the mirror is actually the right one?  Anyway, DVRresearch.com emailed to say that people don't get the importance of DVR.

-- One of these people is behind the mannequin:

-- World's most valuable BrandZ100.

-- Stop acting like a sissy and market your company

-- Something about Bango and "accurate mobile analytics data in real-time".

-- Publishers Clearing House has its own ad network. You could become a millionaire!

-- Pitchh.com: "You would agree that for brands, the need today is 'not' necessarily about working with the largest, but the most appropriate partner; located anywhere in the world."

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