HeadOn Spots Effective in Driving Sales

AdAge: "The HeadOn, apply directly to the forehead spots (YouTube) are arguably among the worst commercials ever from a creative standpoint. They're annoying, repetitive, obnoxious -- and effective."

Apply directly to cash register: "HeadOn is logging some heady growth rates -- 234% from 2005 to 2006. And for the first half of 2007, the brand looks to be on track to double sales. HeadOn ranks No. 9 in the external-analgesics-rubs category and logged $6.5 million in sales last year, up from just $1.9 million in 2005, according to Information Resources Inc."

USA Today last year: "The campaign may have gotten some unintentional help from the Council of Better Business Bureaus. In March, its National Advertising Division challenged earlier ads that said HeadOn provides "fast, safe, effective" headache relief. The organization said it recommended that Miralus discontinue the claims after it "provided insufficient evidence" to show HeadOn works.

If Miralus had not complied, the Better Business Bureau would have forwarded the case to the Food and Drug Administration and Federal Trade Commission, which could have ordered the ads off the air and fined the company. Now that HeadOn no longer makes any promises."
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