Assorted Goodies

Speakers made in the shape of little Heineken crates. -- a repository of corporate wisdom. Have to write one yourself? Use this handy mission statement generator to land something like: "We are committed to expanding the highest quality personal gain by quality solutions and opportunities from the lowest level." -- a social network for fan fiction writers. -- a social network for professional models.

How to make a pop-up picture.

An entire blog on digital signage. They say 3D displays are not quite there yet.

The Speckies -- an award show for ads that weren't.

And a gallery of ad parodies.

Fruit-picking robots could replace the dwindling immigrant labor in the US.

A DVD with Jackass-like stunts comes together with a barf bag. (See a video game advertised on an airplane sickness bag, too).

A Google Spreadsheet doc by Silicon Alley Insider speculating about YouTube ad revenues.

Create your own iPhone ringtones in three easy steps.
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