Advertising to Dogs

Or, rather, advertising through dogs to their owners.

There is this coffee place down the street from where I live in Cambridge called La Luna Cafe. This is the type of place that has live jazz music on Sunday mornings and serves eggs and bacon when you want them and not when the menu says they are available. Every day, they also put out two bowls -- one filled with dog food and the other one with water. They call it Woof Station. I never gave it much thought, but once I thought I'd linger around to see if the dogs would actually stop.

The very first one that passed by stopped. It was a hot day, and the dog wanted to drink.

Dogs are smarter than we give them credit for, writes Spiegel. They can operate touch screens, identify different landscapes, and identify human faces.

Pedigree and Affinity Petcare have been designing smelly billboards targeted at dogs.

A director of dog grooming school in Thaildand launched an internet radio station whose intended audience is dogs.

"Hush! Puppy is a 60 minute video filmed especially to keep your dog calm and relaxed in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are away for long periods of time or just occasionally, worry no more." What if it had specially designed dog food ads? I would love to see a brief with the demo target field saying "dogs, 3-6yo".
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