Cool Stuff You Sent In

This post consists of all the cool stuff sent in by Adverlab's readers over the past two weeks. Sorry I couldn't respond on time, guys, the work's been crazy.

Human Flipbook -- 150 shirts, 150 drawings, lots of patience, one very nice commercial and a making-of video. (thanks, John)

A periodic table of branding elements. Nice idea, needs work. The beauty of the original periodic table is that it accommodates even for the elements that are yet to be discovered and that the elements' properties change in a predictable manner from one end of the table to the other. Here's the same idea applied to visualization methods. (thank you, Tanya)

A virtual bookshelf full of Harry Potter books to promote German release. David, who sent this in, says, "Every fan can reserve their 'own' Harry Potter copy on the shelf and personalise it with marks or even pictures. The virtual book will be reserved in the bookshelf, till the day of delivery."

A script for Firefox that replaces all instances of the word "consumer" with "person" or "people". Dunno, I don't understand this entire "don't call me consumer" thing, but then again, I'm not a local so I might be missing some finer cultural nuances. But couldn't it work the other way too? "Stop calling them marketers. They are people." First rule of propaganda -- dehumanize the enemy. (thanks, Jeff)

Inflatable billboards from Adscore in Australia. (thanks, Michael)

And huge billboards installed next to airports to be seen from the sky, from Ad Air. (thank you, Chad)

An entire book about Spam (the meaty kind). A million-dollar question: how did spam (the junk emails) influence Spam the brand?
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