"Interpret a Slogan" Creative Contest [Ad]

CoStume National, an Italian fashion house founded in 1986 (wiki), is holding a creative contest.

"Become a C’N’C CoSTUME NATIONAL creative!

Just interpret in your own way the slogan C’N’C Plug Generation with a photo, a composite, mural, stickers, video clip or sculpture and send it in.The best creations will be used as graphics for a series of T-shirts and accessories to be showcased during Milan Fashion Week in February.

You’ve got till 30 January 2009 to focus your ideas, create them and send them in."

Contest rules are here. Prizes:

- 1000€ for the author of the winning concept;
- 2 Apple Iphone mobile (retail price 569,00 €, including VAT, each), one for each of the authors of further two concepts held to be worth of being mentioned.


  1. hey, why did you dodged my comment, Iliya?
    A stupid contest, paid post - why not fun of it? :-)

    blogger's captcha's gone crazy
    can't read it at all

  2. Sorry, it's been a crazy couple of weeks; didn't have time to work on the blog or moderate comments so might have missed something.


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