H&M Brings Fashion to The Sims

Fashion retailer H&M teamed up with Electronic Arts to bring modern fashion into the game world of the Sims with the H&M Fashion "stuff" extension pack. The game will allow players to

"- dress your Sims in a stylish ensemble showcasing the vibrant colors and bold accessories that are the latest trends this season!

- design a runway and show off all of your favorite H&M styles

- design your own H&M retail environment, or use new store-themed items to build an intimate H&M boutique for more sophisticated citizens" (source: Amazon).

The Sims 2 is a sequel to the best selling The Sims, a life simulation game where you control an animated character's interaction with virtual environment. The online version of the game, The Sims Online, is similar to Second Life.

- The Sims 2 Fashion Runway design contest site; a very cool idea, too.
- Read about the game on EA site, and on H&M's site, too. You can get a free demo by buying H&M's stuff.
- A trailer on YouTube, which really is a very cool machinima ad in Simlish for the store.
- A nice review of the extension pack
- Buy it on Amazon for $20 (you'll also need the original Sims 2 game; PC only)

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