What I Learned From An Experiment in Spreadability

Just published some data and analysis behind the Jerzify Yourself site that Hill Holliday built back in January as an experiment in "spreadable design" and that got picked up by celeb publications and got passed around rather nicely. Lots of interesting stuff:  the effect of celebrity tweets, the speed of link propagation in Twitter and Facebook, different levels of "spreadfulness" we saw on different sites -- all right here.

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  1. I'm not surprised that this case study was such a success. It is crazy to think that a reality show can be so recognizable. If you find the right trend and the right outlet source your information will become popular. Social media is a very powerful tool. Once something like this on a social media site it will spread like crazy. You don't have to do anything but post it and watch everyone spread the word. Thanks to social media news spreads fast. One moment you post an article the next it’s all over the internet. Social media makes sharing information easy and quick. No hassle. As long as you have a trending topic just work your magic in the social media world.

    -CKR Interactive Intern


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