Augmented Reality Glasses from Lumus

Ever dreamed of watching a video or a favorite TV show on the go?  Well, aren't you lucky:

Daily Mail: "Translucent TV: Lumus' PD-18-2 is a set of spectacles that can beam high-quality images directly into your eyes but allows the user to see through the images too." (This is Lumus.)


  1. The porn apps could be truly scary...

  2. Man this is what I need. I have to put my headphones in my android phone and listen to directions at the moment because I can't look at the screen and watch where I am going at the same time.

    Wonder if they will come up with some decent glasses for this?

  3. OK, this idea is amazing and I totally love the GPS screen in the image, but those glasses are ugly! You'd look ridiculous walking down the street in them. I think this idea could really catch on but let's wait another 5 or 10 years until they've got the technology nailed and can fit it into a standard pair of sunnies.

  4. Although the glasses doesn't look that appealing, this glasses looks like it'll be a really big hit in the future. The only question is, how much would it cost once it's released in the public?


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