Real? Hacker Hijacks Times Square Screens

A guy with a transmitter plugged into an iPhone and a repeater placed near a screen on Times Square beams up footage of himself. Unless it's a masterful hoax, that is.
-- video on YouTube via Momentum Blog


  1. Fake. reported today that it's a viral (not to mention, subtle) ad for Bradley Cooper's new movie, Limitless.

  2. It's interesting that in this day and age it’s becoming increasingly difficult to decipher what is reality on the web and what is simply just an “internet hoax.” The possibilities that the internet provides us are immense which can be a bit frightening. The line between the real and the surreal is fading. This is because of the seemingly endless opportunities in technology, communication, and global integration and interaction that the internet provides. This line will only continue to fade as the internet continues to grow and develop.We must learn to be an advocate for our own knowledge and sift through the clutter to uncover the real story.

  3. I was just searching for some innovative ways of advertising on google and found this post. If this is something true..... it is very very dangerous. Companies who manufacture these screens should take extra effort to overcome this


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