This Ad Was Brought To You By Your TV Set

Interesting. Sony and other makers of Internet-connected TVs are counting on advertising as a revenue stream, according to Bloomberg. "Grabbing a share of that advertising revenue is the ultimate goal of TV manufacturers. Samsung says it plans to introduce an on-screen virtual storefront of applications for shopping, games, and other activities that would allow advertisers to reach customers on its TVs, Blu-ray players, PCs, and cell phones."  I call it the appstorization of everyday things.

I would love to see how TV makers are going to fit the ads in and how they are going to deal with content providers.  Wonder if they'll try to build in some kind of advanced capability to track and collect TV usage data right into the TV sets. That's what Natal-Kinetic could be good for, too:  watching whether you are watching the screen or doing the dishes.

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