[Event]: Book Machine at Harvard Bookstore, 4pm Tue, Sep 29th

On Tuesday, Harvard Bookstore will unveil its new mega-printer from On Demand Books that can spawn 300-page softcover books in around 4 minutes. The machine will be used to print any of the two million public-domain titles scanned by Google.

Tuesday, Sept 29th, 4pm, 1256 Mass Ave in Cambridge, open to public.

- More details about the tech in Wired

I guess we'll see a few Y Combinator fans there.


  1. Wow this is crazy

    so do they just put the entire book into that machine and it will scan into electronic doc?

  2. They won't scan existing books, unfortunately, but they'll print out whatever has been already scanned by Google.

  3. Personally I think this is just a wonderful idea.
    Just think about older books that are now easier to find and print off, that might have been harder to find for people who still enjoy reading off paper.


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