Blogorama: Rethinking Peanut Butter Jars

Lots of open browser tabs today:

- Inspiration for the week: Easy PB&J Jar, a peanut butter jar with lids on both ends.

- An excellent compilation of brands with presence on Flickr

- Virtual Greats is a new company that plans to merchandise celebs' likenesses in virtual worlds. Done right its a gold mine. A story in Variety.

- Debris, or stop cramming your blogs and sites with useless widgets.

- An interesting take on the e-card idea: send online notes that self-destruct after being read.

- Bic, the company that brought us disposable shavers, is working on cell phones.

- You are what you tweet: psychologists asked students to type up their thoughts for 20 minutes, which was enough to predict major personality traits.

- Yearbooks are dying out.

- Animated visualization of Wal-Mart growth in the US since the first store.

- My Million Dollar Movie: a filmmaker is selling frames in his new film (here's the site).

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